Things to Do in Singapore for Free

Voted the most expensive country to live, Singapore is both pricey to reside and vacation.

But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money on activities to enjoy your stay, as there are still plenty of things you can do for free in Singapore!

To lessen the impact that your upcoming trip will have on your wallet, I’ve put together a list of some of the best things to do in Singapore for free.

Day and Night Markets

You won’t want to miss the markets in Singapore! As long as you don’t buy anything, you can wander around the various markets without spending a dime.

The Bugis Street market, in particular, is said to be one of the cheapest night markets in Singapore, where you’ll be able to find mouthwatering dishes and affordable trinkets.

Botanic Gardens

Become one with nature at Singapore’s Botanic Gardens.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site will provide you with an incredibly relaxing experience in nature.  All of the gardens are free to enjoy, except for the National Orchid Garden, so pack a picnic and get ready for a day of total relaxation.

Fort Siloso Skywalk

Enjoy a naturally beautiful view by walking along the lush treetops on the Fort Siloso Skywalk located at Sentosa Island.

The Fort Siloso Skywalk is 11-stories high and offers unique views of Sentosa Island.

Free Shows at Sentosa Island

While you are at the Fort Siloso Skywalk at Sentosa Island, extend your stay into the evening to enjoy the free evening shows put on by the Island.

There are currently two free shows that you can attend:


The Supertrees are towering vertical gardens located in the Gardens by the Bay, and while the gardens themselves are not free, you can enjoy the brilliantly lit Supertrees for free!

I recommend heading over in the evening when the Supertree musical display will be showing!

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is a free thing to do in Singapore that you will not want to miss.

This 8.5-hectare park has over 1,000 colorful statues depicting Chinese mythology! If you are interested in history, this is the place for you.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

Home of the tooth relic to Buddha, The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum is a Buddhist temple located in Chinatown. Explore jaw-dropping architecture in this four-story temple (along with a roof and a basement).

If you plan to visit this temple, you will need to follow the modest dress code (no shorts, no skirts, etc.) and are not allowed to bring non-vegetarian food into the temple.

Free Festivals

There are always many different free events happening in Singapore that you can check out beforehand to work into your trip’s itinerary.

Visiting Singapore has an updated list of monthly events where you can see what is happening.

Bukit Brown Cemetery

Known as Kopi Sua or Coffee Hill, this abandoned Chinese cemetery has over 100,000 graves and is one of the largest Chinese cemeteries outside of China.

The government is in the process of adding roads and housing, so if you are en route to Singapore, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss seeing the Bukit Brown Cemetery while it’s still preserved.

There are also free walking tours of this historic cemetery.

Free Concerts at Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Pack some snacks (or a picnic lunch/dinner) and head out to enjoy some classical music put on by professional musicians.

Each month, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra puts on a couple of free concerts at various locations around Singapore!

Ritz-Carlton Millenia Art Tour

The Ritz-Carlton Millenia is home to over 4,200 pieces of artwork and is valued at over $4 million. You can get a free tour as well if you ask the front desk for an iPod, which will guide you through the artwork for 30 minutes via a podcast.

Hike at MacRitchie Reservoir Treetop Walk

Another fantastic free thing to do in Singapore is to hike MacRitchie Reservoir, where you’ll be able to walk along the suspension bridges and enjoy incredible views from the Treetop Walk. You might even spot some wild animals such as snakes and monkeys!

If you plan to do this hike, be prepared with proper hiking attire and keep your distance from the wildlife.


Singapore’s proximity to the equator makes it a unique spot to stargaze, where you’ll be able to view more stars than you could at other places in the world.

The Science Centre Observatory in Singapore occasionally organizes free stargazing events on Friday evenings.

You can check here to see if any events are planned during your stay!

If no events are planned, no need to worry; you can stargaze from virtually any spot as long as the sky is clear; however, I recommend checking out:

  • Botanic Gardens (you can stargaze after enjoying the Supertrees)
  • Pulau Ubin (an island Northeast of Singapore)
  • Bishan Park

Shows at Esplanade

Esplanade is Singapore’s home for the performing arts and has no shortage of free shows for you to enjoy, such as theatre shows, music and dance!

Even if shows aren’t your thing, you must take a visit and view the stunning architecture of the Theatres at the Bay.

Sunset at Marina Bay

There is no better way to the end day than by watching a gorgeous sunset while surrounded by a dazzling skyline in Singapore.

Head over to Marina Bay Sands Boardwalk to enjoy the setting sun! At 8:00 pm every day, there is a free water-and-light show you can watch to accompany your sunset excursion.

In Conclusion

There are many free things to do in Singapore that will enrich your experience and teach you about Singapore’s rich history!

Have you been to Singapore? What was your favourite free activity? Let me know in the comments below!

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