Things to do in Singapore on a Budget

With so many incredible things to do in Singapore and sights to see, your itinerary can often come with a hefty price tag.

But you don’t need to worry because there are plenty of things to do in Singapore on a budget that will keep you and your family entertained during your entire stay!

Visit the Night Markets

When looking for something to do in Singapore on a budget, your first stop should be to explore the night markets.

Night markets are a top-rated (and free) attraction in Singapore, and you can find them throughout the city in different locations!

As long as you don’t buy anything, you can explore these markets for free. Even then, a lot of the food and souvenirs found in these markets are quite affordable.

If you are looking for a very budget-friendly market, I recommend exploring the Bugis Street Market as it has a reputation for being one of the cheapest in Singapore.

Kampong Glam

One of my favourite places to shop in Singapore is Kampong Glam, but you don’t need to buy anything to enjoy this eclectic neighbourhood.

Kampong Glam is the former home of the Sultan and is vibrant and rich in history.

If you decide to head over to Kampong Glam, you won’t want to miss the colourful and narrow street called “Haji Lane” where you’ll be able to window-shop at all the unique boutiques.

National Museum of Singapore

Another great thing to do in Singapore on a budget is to visit Singapore’s oldest museum: The National Museum of Singapore.

Tickets are only $10, and people of all ages will enjoy all this museum has to offer.

You can check beforehand to see what exhibits the museum has scheduled during your stay. There are also free guided tours in English to help you navigate through the many exhibits.

Marina Bay

A self-guided walking tour around Marina Bay is another great thing to do in Singapore on a budget. Marina Bay is the perfect spot to walk around if you’d like to enjoy all the beautiful architecture, skyscrapers and stunning views that Singapore has to offer.

While walking along Marina Bay, you’ll be able to see the famous Merlion fountain: a half-fish half-lion monument that is an homage to Singapore’s past as a fishing town.

You can take a look at this self-guided Marina Bay walking tour if you’d like help deciding how to plan your walking tour.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

For a tranquil experience and an escape from the bustle of the city, head over to Singapore’s Botanic Gardens. The Singapore Botanic Gardens are Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site and are over 160 years old.

The gardens spread over 60 acres of land and are home to over ten different gardens, including the Bonsai Garden, Swan Lake and the Sun Garden to name a few.

Admission to Singapore’s Botanic Gardens is free, although you do have to pay a small ticket price if you’d like to visit the National Orchid Garden (which is well worth it).

Dine out in Chinatown

While you can find many high-end restaurants to wine and dine in Singapore, if you are looking to eat on a budget in Singapore, I recommend heading over to the hawker centre’s in Chinatown where you can enjoy many inexpensive (and delicious) Chinese dishes.

A hawker centre is similar to a food court, where small stalls sell a variety of different foods. Many dishes are only a couple of dollars and the food is authentic and full of flavour.

Singapore Zoo

With over 300 different species of animals in the Singapore Zoo, you will not want to miss the opportunity to visit what is rated as one of the best zoos in the world.

This open-air zoo focusses on conservation and has hidden barriers for people to observe and learn about the animals.

The enclosures that the animals live in are close as possible to their real environments, making it feel as if you’ve left the bustling city of Singapore and stepped into the wild.

Have a Beach Day

Another great thing to do in Singapore on a budget is to soak up some sun while enjoying the beach!

Head over to Sentosa Island where you and your family will find no shortage of free and budget-friendly activities, such as taking a free walk 11-stories high on the Fort Siloso Skywalk.

Sentosa Island has two free evening shows that you can enjoy if you choose to extend your beach day into the evening.

First is the “Crane Dance” show where mechanical cranes perform impressive choreography. The show starts at 8:00 pm.

A little later, at 11:00 pm, is a water and laser show called the “Lake of Dreams”.

Both shows are free and are an excellent way to end your day at the beach! For more information on the shows and activities that Sentosa Island has to offer, view their website here.


The Supertrees are another budget-friendly activity that you will not want to miss during your stay in Singapore.

These vertical-garden trees are located in the Gardens by the Bay, and although you need to purchase a ticket if you wish to visit the gardens, the Supertrees are still free for you to enjoy.

These stunning solar-powered trees illuminate night after re-charging throughout the day and are simply stunning.

Haw Par Villa

The Haw Par Villa (formerly known as the Tiger Balm Gardens) is another exciting sight to see in Singapore on a budget.

This park occupies 8.5 hectares of land. Over 1,000 colourful statues and 150 dioramas depicting Chinese mythology and history fill the park.

Admission is free to Haw Par Villa, and it is the last of its kind in the world – you will not want to miss it!

Which one of these things to do in Singapore on a budget are you most excited to try? Let me know below!

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